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When you’re up and running or are starting your fashion label, you have heard your supplier request a Tech Pack. You started googling, found less to nothing – then asked your supplier and he gave you his X-Mas wishlist! You freak out – not enough time on your hands to full-fill his wishlist & the samples are not at all what you envisioned!

This Tech Pack Toolbox will set the base for a clear and consistent communication flow with your supplier and enforces the right sample to hit your doorstep. It will guide you to give your supplier the right amount of information based on industry standards, and enables a clear communication flow when reviewing the prototypes & samples.

What can you expect:

  • A Quick Starter, that will guide you through the core principles of Tech Packing and gives you some guidance + tips along the way of Product Development.
  • A Visual Manual & a Tech Pack example that will help you to walk through the Toolbox one step at the time.
  • An easy to amend Tech Pack toolbox, that is set-up following the industry standard process of product development to simplify your works and track all accordingly.
    • Bom (Bill of Material)
    • Specs (incl. automated Grading & Tolerance)
    • Proto Review
    • Sample Review


Note: Please treat yourself to the latest version of Microsoft Office – Excel, you will thank yourself later! We don’t offer Microsoft Office Technical support, but our tools are easy to work out, even with the most basic knowledge.


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