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You’ve designed the perfect product and are selling better than expected! Your supplier seems to be happy and your customers are content – but you’re pulling the short string, no money lands in your pocket and unexpected product costs are heaping up!

This Pre-Costing & Pricing Toolbox will give you insights in your product costing before hitting the production button! This cost sheet format will help you to calculate your costs of goods sold and support your decision making throughout the full product development process until products are priced to hit shelf!

What can you expect:

  • A Quick Starter, that will guide you through the core principles of Pre-Costing & Pricing and gives you some guidance + tips along the way of Product Profit calculations.
  • A Visual Manual + a Pre-Costing & Pricing example that will help you to walk through the Toolbox one step at the time.
  • An easy to amend Pre-Costing & Pricing toolbox, that is set-up following the industry standard process of product development to simplify your works and track all accordingly.
    • Pre-Costing tool (incl. exchange rate option)
    • Pricing tool (price your product to profit)
    • Both tools are featuring pre-automated calculations – you fill your data in, and the tool does the rest!


Note: Please treat yourself to the latest version of Microsoft Office – Excel, you will thank yourself later! We don’t offer Microsoft Office Technical support, but our tools are easy to work out, even with the most basic knowledge.

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